Forbidden Love ~Mike~ 4th Story Walkthrough

Episode 1
Why not?

Episode 2
That you would think about the shop

Episode 3
I should have turned Jake down more directly

Episode 4

Episode 5
It doesn't have anything to do with you

Episode 6
Mike is my everything

Episode 7
(I should apologize...)

Episode 8
...I'm only strong because of you 

Episode 9
I'm glad we came

Episode 10
But, you and Johannes are different.

Episode 11
Johannes would never do something like that!

Episode 12
Mike will come up with something.

Episode 13
It's full of love

Episode 14
What about a bag?

Episode 15
I didn't want to interfere with your work

Episode 16
We'll make lots of new memories

Episode 17
I'm sure this is all some kind of mistake

Episode 18
...Everything's fine

Episode 19
Never Mind

Episode 20
Mike isn't that sort of person

Episode 21
I bet Mike is home by now

Episode 22

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