The Cinderella contract ~yuri and yelisei~ walkthrough

Chapter 1 
Scene 6

At a time like this.
I’m happy.
I don’t know. (Yuri)

Scene 10

It’s a minor inconvenience. (Yuri)
Hate you?
I like you.

Scene 14

I’m still good.
I want you to show me where it is. (Yuri)

Chapter 2 
Scene 3

It’s a charming country. (Yelisei)
I’m surprised.
(Can I return his handshake?)

Scene 6

Well it was good. (Yuri)
Is that right?
I’m glad.

Scene 12

I’m a captive.
Where? (Yuri)
I can’t do that.

Chapter 3
Scene 10

I’m worried.
I’m not scared.  (Yelisei)
I’m fine. (Yuri)

Scene 5

Do you wanna talk about it? (Yuri)
Why won’t you tell me?
Be serious.

Scene 15

Too convenient. (Yuri)
Not possible for someone like me

Chapter 4
Scene 1
If you're going to go that far...
If you stop keeping secrets. (Yuri)
I want to, but...  

Scene 10
He is good-looking...
I wasn't charmed.
I just wanted to be nice. (Yuri

Scene 12
I'm a little scared...
If we're together, it's okay. (Yelisei)
If anything happens, I'll save you. (Yuri

Chapter 5
Scene 3
I'm just happy you're okay. (Yuri)
Thank you for protecting me.
Don't think about it.

Scene 9
Forever's a long time... (Yuri)
But the contract!
Me too. (Yelisei)

Scene 14
You too.
Thanks for caring about me. (Yuri)
I'm fine. 

Chapter 6
Scene 5
Wait. (Yuri)
What is all of this? 
Yuri, are you alright? 

Scene 13
I want to believe. (Yuri)
It's a difficult situation.

Scene 15
I grew to love him after we married. (Yelisei)
The truth is... (Yuri)
It's too embarrassing to talk about.

Chapter 7

Scene 1
Impossible... (Yuri +5)
Perhaps... (Yuri +1)
I trust him. (Yuri +3)

Scene 10
But Yelisha is here. (Yelisei +5)
I have to do what he says. (Yuri +5)

Scene 13
Hang in there. (Yuri +3)
I should go back... (Yuri +5)
I call someone. (Yuri +1)

Chapter 8

Scene 3
I would. (Yuri +3)
I can't. (Yuri +0)
I don't know what to do. (Yuri +5)

Scene 6
I'm a little lonely... (Yelisei +5)
 I want to go home.
I have to stay... (Yuri +5)

Scene 13
What are you saying? (Yuri +3)
I'm sorry. (Yuri +5)
Yelisha...! (Yelisei +3)

Chapter 9

Scene 4
Even though it's a lie... (Yuri +1)
Is this a date? (Yuri +5)
Are you speaking seriously?

Scene 9
I don't want to be with you... (Yuri +3)
I want to be with you... (Yuri +5)
I still don't. (Yuri +1)

Scene 13
I can't choose. (Yelisei +5)
I don't understand. (Yelisei +1)
You asked that before. (Yuri +5)

Chapter 10

Scene 2
Are you worried? (Yuri +1)
Do you distrust me? (Yelisei +1)
I understand. (Yuri +5)

Scene 10
Stop that. (Yuri +3)
How embarrassing... (Yuri+1)
Please stop stroking me. (Yuri +5)

Scene 14
I'm frightened. (Yuri +0)
Why is he sitting next to me? (Yuri +3)
Is he going to kiss me again? (Yuri +5)

Chapter 11

Scene 2
Of course. I am his wife. (Yuri +3)
I wonder if I'm good enough... (Yuri +1)
I intend to. (Yuri +5)

Scene 8
Don't! (Yuri +5)
Come to your senses. (Yuri +1)
These threats... (Yuri +3)

Scene 14
Wait, Yelisha. (Yelisei +5)
Aren't you going to do something, Yuri? (Yuri +5)
Somebody help! (Yelisei +??)

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