Mononoke Kiss ~Hajime~ Walkthrough

This is Hajime Walkthrough for happy ending

Chapter 1:
Take me with you

Chapter 2:
That’s not right
I hate violence

Chapter 3:
Start Crying
No, I’m not scared

Chapter 4:
What did you dream about?

Fave we met before?

Chapter 5:
This is the time to get even
It’s my fault that you…

Chapter 6:
It’s not that i don’t like it
Stop joking!

Chapter 7:
I’ll come with you
Hold his arms

Chapter 8:
Something did happen
Say something to him

Chapter 9:
Let me stay with you please.
I’d like to stay with hajime

Chapter 10:
Are we dreaming?
Please let hajime go

Chapter 11:
Why did you kiss me?
I chose someone else!

Happy ending pic 

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