Summer Snow ~Koyonplete~

"New Release" For Android users! (iPhone ver. coming soon!)
SummerSnow ~first love~ for Android is NOW available!! Please enjoy this romance novel!
☆Voice actors (Seiyu) Full voice love story☆
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*****A Romance Novel for the mature audience!!*****
「If my wish could come true. I would want to meet her just one more time…..」
35 pages of beautiful CGs x fully voice acted x heartrending first love!
*****The Plot of Summer Snow*****
This is a bitter love story where the adversities in life may strengthen or cripple the characters, as they transform from the once innocent teenagers to adults…
A touching story that spans across 3 different parts of time.
An unforgettable and innocent love between two teenagers makes up the ‘Youth’ chapter.
The ‘Reina’ chapter is where Reina started to realize her dream of having a perfect family and date a university student who also happens to be her tutor.
The ‘Tokyo’ chapter is where Chifuyu made his way to Tokyo in order to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. He met a senior who he respects and adores. It is also the turning point for Chifuyu to realize the difficulties of becoming an adult…
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Chapter 3

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