Shall We Date:Ninja Love ~Munenori Yagyu~ walkthrough

This is munenori yagyu brilliant answer... Took me a while to figure this out.. Hope it will help u 

Thank him   (Close!)
Ask about Hanzo   (Brilliant!)
What to do now?   (Try harder!)

Gaze at his face   (Brilliant!)
Wha, what!?   (Close!)
No...!   (Try harder!)

...I'm okay   (Try harder!)
How about you?   (Brilliant!)
Don't touch me!   (Close!)

Nevermind   (Try harder!)
That's cute!   (Close!)
I'm surprised...   (Brilliant!)

Speak up   (Close!)
Say nothing   (Try harder!)
Look at his face   (Brilliant!)

I understand   (Try harder!)
Wasn't that hard?   (Brilliant!)
You poor thing.   (Close!)

...Yes   (Close!)
Look unhappy   (Brilliant!)
Stay with Hanzo   (Try harder!)

I like Hanzo   (Try harder!)
Not true   (Close!)
Don't speak   (Brilliant!)

A little   (Try harder!)
Nod   (Brilliant!)
Shake head   (Close!)

It's rude.   (Brilliant!)
It feels strange   (Close!)
...Nevermind   (Try harder!)

I'm sorry!!   (Brilliant!)
You surprise me!   (Try harder!)
Keep talking!   (Close!)

...I don't know.   (Close!)
I'm not crying.   (Brilliant!)
Get away!   (Try harder!)

...I'm scared.  (Close!)
I'm worried.  (Brilliant!)
Nothing.  (Try harder!)

I'm sorry!  (Brilliant!)
Are you okay?   (Try harder!)
You did right!   (Close!)

It will go cold.  (Brilliant!)
...Are you okay?   (Try harder!)
Your thoughts?   (Close!)

I get it...   (Brilliant!)
You liar!   (Close!)
...   (Try harder!)

Yes.  (Close!)
What about you?   (Brilliant!)
A littlr nervous.   (Try harder!)

O...Okay.  (Brilliant!)
Wash his back...   (Try harder!)
Take off my...?!   (Close!)

...   (Try harder!)
I'm sorry...   (Close!)
But I was naked!   (Brilliant!)

I'm shaking...   (Close!)
I trust you!   (Brilliant!)
Good luck.   (Try harder!)

Ha! That's what you get!   (Brilliant!)
Are you okay?   (Try harder!)
Does it hurt?   (Close!)

Don't tell me!   (Close!)
You think...   (Brilliant!)
Cry.   (Try harder!)

...Okay.   (Brilliant!)
We part tonight?   (Close!)
No!   (Try harder!)

The code?   (Close!)
Remain silent.   (Brilliant!)
What about me?   (Try harder!)

A trick?   (Try harder!)
...Okay   (Close!)
Umm..   (Brilliant!)

Good luck!   (Brilliant!)
I'm worried...   (Try harder!)
Don't die...   (Close!)

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