Forbidden Love ~Mike~ 2nd Story Walkthrough

Episode 1
We're really good friends

Episode 2
(What should i do..)

Episode 3
That's my plan

Episode 4
(..i need to restrain myself)

Episode 5
I want to be together with you, Michael

Episode 6
I'm worried about Michael

Episode 7
... There's no helping it, since it's work..

Episode 8
Are you okay, Michael?

Episode 9
Because it would be painful

Episode 10
Thank you, i'm really happy.

Episode 11
Maybe both

Episode 12
i'm grateful too

Episode 13
(Because of me, Johannes.. !)

Episode 14
Johannes said the same thing

Episode 15
i'm sorry too..

Episode 16
I believe you, Mike..

Episode 17
I just thought it was kind of nice

Episode 18
Okay, i'm looking forward to it.

Episode 19
Thank you..

Episode 20
That's not true..

Episode 21
I'm happy we're alone together

Episode 22
I have some business, so..

Episode 23
Mike, save me !

Episode 24
i can't understand you either.

Episode 25
But, the document !

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