It's Our Secret ~edward~ walkthrough 1st story

1st Story Walkthrough:
Chapter 1:
"What was Dad thinking?" (+20)
"I must be dreaming?"
"This must be a joke!"

"That doesn't sound too bad"
"No way!" (+20)
"Men in this family..."

"Don't run away." 
"Can't you take me there?" 
"Don't be late." (+20)

"I'm glad you came." (+20) 
"I was scared..."
"If you had taken me to the wedding site..."

"Don't worry. It's nothing." 
"It hurts a bit..." (+20) 
"Of course it still hurts!."

Chapter 2:

"Were some crazy woman." 
"I didn't think there was any woman good enough for you." 
"You were married." (+20)

"What are you up to?" 
"Thank you." (+20)
"Do you know about fashion?"

"Yes, sir. Mr President." (+20)
"You have no right to it."
"I'm not sure."

"You think I stole someone's work." 
"Don't look at me like that."
"Believe me." (+20)

"Don't say that."
"I'll get it back." (+20)
"Because of Edward..."

Chapter 3:

"Shut up and hold me."
"Thank you..." (+20)
"Don't preach to me now."

"Can you rely on your hunch?"
"No evidence?"
"You sound so confident." (+20) 

"It's not your business."
"You're sexually harassing me."
"Why?" (+20)

"Stay out of it!"
"This is my company!" (+20)
"I understand how she feels."

"(I will leave it to Edward.)" (+20)
"No, I didn't do it!"
"That's what we are here for?" 

Chapter 4: 

"Are you into that kind of stuff?" 
"I won't go anywhere." (+20)

"Please don't go."
"Yes, she surely is full of confidence." (+20)
"You're so unfaithful!"

"That's a lie!" (+20)
"A couple million dollars of debt?"  
"She must have had a reason."

"It must have been hard for you." 
"Poor you." (+20)
"I'll heal your wounds. "

"I just have to play the role of your wife." (+20)
"No one offends me more than you do." 
"What if I can't stand him?"

Chapter 5: 

"I didn't do anything."
"...that's fine." (+20) 
"Are you taking this woman's side?"

"Don't hurt me!" 
"Help, Edward!" (+20) 
"This is no fun at all!"

"You don't own me."
"Thanks for coming home." (+20) 
"Kiss me again." 

(Only for one year.)
"You heard him. Leave him alone!"
(I'm so happy...) (+20)

"I just got carried away..."
"Tell me the same thing."
"I didn't make it up." (+20)

Chapter 6:

"Why don't you send Kevin?"
"I will help you." (+20)
"Do you want to get really sick?"
"You must show that you care." (+20)
"Like what?"
"What do you need?"
"Why are you so hysterical?"
"Calm down, please."
"What don't you like about it? " (+20)
"Did you have a sad dream?"
"I brought you clean clothes." (+20)
"I'm just trying to do my wifely duties."
"Do you have a father complex?"
"...I'm sorry." (+20)
"You must have been lonely."

Chapter 7:

"It hurts me, too."
"It's nothing, compared to what she went through." (+20) 

"It's no big deal." 
"Hope you can get back to work soon." (+20) 
"Why don't you ask Kevin, too?"

"It's tough love." 
"Sorry." (+20) 
"What are you talking about?"

"It's just one year."
"I don't know if I can..."
"I'll do it." (+20)

"But she's your guest." 
"I don't care."
"If you say so, it must be true." (+20)

Chapter 8:

"What's wrong, Edward?"
"I'm just worried." (+20)
"What's the matter?"

" I just forgot to mention it."
"I thought it wasn't necessary." (+20) 
"It's my problem."

"You showed me good inspirations." (+20)
"...I'm glad."
"I'm professional, after all." 

"It's none of your business."
"Yes, I did." (+20)
" Did you just kiss me to find out?"

"Kevin was kind to me."
" Maybe you're right..."
"Isn't he your brother?" (+20)

Chapter 9:

I just want you to be nice to me. (+20)
Even Kevin hasn't done this to me.
This is domestic violence.

I didn't betray you. (+20)
Kevin is a good person.
There was nothing more than that. 

“Kevin said the same thing...
“You're right... (+20)
“Don't jump to conclusions. 

“Can I go out to the lobby?”
“Kevin let me draw.”
“I have to control myself for now... ” (+20) 

“Stay out of it. ” 
“I have no control over it.”
“Can I at least draw in my office?” (+20) 

Chapter 10:

“I'm glad it's you, Edward... ”  (+20)
“Don't sneak up on me! ”
“Don't scare me! ”

“You don't worry about me, do you?”
“That's what you mean...” (+20)
“You use me to keep your inheritance.”

“Don't say that. What do you want?”
“Please wait for a year.”
“You're making things worse for yourself.” (+20)

“Don't jump to conclusions.”
“Wait, be careful.” (+20)

“What's the matter?”
“Let's see...”
“I'm so happy!” (+20)

Chapter 11:

“I'm not an object!” (+20)
“Me? With Kevin?”

“Are you drunk?”
“You praise me too much.”
“I'm glad.” (+20)

“In this posture?” (+20)
“Why don't you ask for a body pillow?”
“It hurts a bit...”

“We can't afford to have Gabriella mad at us.”
“You must have been really drunk.”
“Good night.” (+20)

“Thank you, Edward.” (+20)
“Thank you, both of you.”
“Thank you, Kevin.”

Chapter 12:

"Don't pull me so hard." (+20)
"Edward, thank you."
"Kevin, are you alright?" 

"Please forget about Gabriella."
"Now you can relax."
"Are you worried about Gabriella?" (+20) 

"Out of reflex?"
"Maybe he likes me."
"...No idea." (+20)

"I'll do that."
"But I'm still worried." (+20)
"Be nice to Kevin."

"It's already paid for..."
"Its close to the hospital."
"Do you want me to come home?" (+20)

Chapter 13:

"You suffer from an Oedipus complex."
"Sorry." (+20)
(I'm going to caress his head.) 

"I have suffered all these years because of you."
"...You must have suffered so much." (+20)
"Does Kevin feel the same?"

"You're not a NEET then."
"I thought you worked for yourself..."
"How nice of your brother." (+20) 

"What if we aren't ready?"
"...Thank you." (+20)
"You have no right..." 

"Where is Kevin?"
"Do you want me to show you around?" (+20)
"What about your job?" 

Chapter 14:

"Can I go?"
"I wonder what Kevin will say."
"Don't worry. I know." (+20) 

"Provence wine, please." (+20)
"This Madeira."
"Italian, please."

"I think its Kevin."
"I have to say it's Edward." (+20)
"both of you helped me."

"...I want to go."
"Kevin understands this."
"I know." (+20) 

"I'm glad you're worried." (+20)
"Why do you think I'll fail too?"
"Will I be like her?" 

Chapter 15:

"I can't betray Edward." (+20)
"I want to take your hand."
"I won't be deceived." 

(I want to stay away from him.)
(I don't want to move.)
(I want to go near him.) (+20) 

"Is he trying to manipulate me?"
"Am I making him suffer?" (+20)
"It's not like him." 

"I believe you." (+20)
"Are you trying to buy time?"
"What do you mean by what's best? ..."

"I didn't mean it."
"I'm glad..." (+20)
"Forget it."

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