The Seal of Lycoris ~Cain~ Walkthrough

Chapter One

No walkthrough, get cg

Chapter Two



The answer is …But now that I think of it, why did he save me back there?

The answer is Is it because he wants manipulate me for something else?   

Chapter 3 

The answer is... I’ll raise my voice and pursue him with my question.

The answer is ... A clumsy person ?

Chapter 4

The answer is... It feels as though he is feeding me.

The answer is... I don’t know… I really don’t know what to think.

The answer is.... It’s regretful for me to die?

The answer is.... Hug him from behind.

The answer is.... Maybe I will feel sorry for myself.

The answer is... “I want you”

Next answer 

He wants to change something with my powers?

It’s okay. If that’s what he wants then he can kill me.

good ending!!!

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