Be My Princess ~Edward Levaincois~ Walkthrough GREE

***Work In Progress***

From prologue :

Politely decline
That crest…
Your gown is beautiful
White Wine
Go after Glenn
Thank you very much
Why did you come back?
Agree with Monsieur Pierre

Chapter 6
Why was I chosen?
Ask if he is okay

Chapter 7
Keep the dress on

Chapter 8
You don’t normally wear frilly shirts?
The dressy side gore boots

Chapter 9
Refuse politely
I’ll do my best

Chapter 10
We should approach him together

Chapter 11
Its a lot. But its not a burden.
You must have imagined it

Chapter 12
Ask him about his childhood
Ask him to help pack

Chapter 13
Are you a childhood friend of Louis?

Chapter 14
Good evening
You are famous

Chapter 15
Tell him to go after her
I’ll take your questions!

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