Forbidden Love ~William~ Walkthrough

***Work In Progress***

“Do you not contact each other often?” (50 points)

Is that why? (50 points)

“William is a wonderful person. (50 points)

This whole rebellious phase has to end at some point, right? (50 points)

Yes, there’s someone that’s important to me. (50 points)

I’ll help you too. (50 points)

My mother was probably something of a pain… (50 points)

Just stop moving around like that. (50 points)

“Why did you have to die…?” (50 points)

Because it was just a too sudden (50 points)

I trust you (50 points)

Why’re you running from me? (50 points)

William’s always trying his hardest. (50 points)

What were you doing there? (50 points)

“What are we going out to do?” (50 points)

…I’ll do it. (50 points)

If you had told me before you bought it… (50 points)

You would come to get revenge. (50 points)

please don’t worry (50 points)

No, it’s alright (50 points)

He’s not like you, William. (50 points)

You’ve already decided that we can’t buy it? (50 points)

I want to too. (50 points)

“What happened to Owen?” (50 points)

La~la♪ Lalala, la~la~ (50 points)

Actually, Robert… (50 points)

You’re saying you want me to be a sacrifice? (50 points)

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