Celebrity Darling ~Sho Kiriya~ walkthrough GREE

***Work In Progress***

Scene 1
But I have an interview…
Get mad at the fan

Get CG

Scene 2
Go after Sho
You recommended me for the show, right?

Scene 3
What about you guys?
Hold on to Sho

Scene 4
That’s good…
"It’s not that I don’t like it…"

Scene 5
I just saw you on the show
It makes me jealous
Politely decline

Scene 6
I can hardly believe it…
I’d appreciate the ride

Scene 7
Called Sho
I’ll work hard to make sure I nail it next time

Scene 8
Was it okay for you to bring me here? 
Look up

Scene 9
Do you mind if I answer this?
Say nothing.

Scene 10
Hide the truth
I’ve missed you 

Scene 11
Hold nothing back
It’s a little embarrassing

Scene 12
Speak up and try to change the subject
Ask Mr. Yamada

Scene 13
That’s right 

Scene 14
It’s not your fault, Sho 
I don’t mind

Scene 15
Follow after Sho
I love Sho

Scene 16
Hear him out
It’s because it hurts that I don’t want to see you

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