Forbidden Love ~Mike~ 3rd Story Walkthrough

Episode 1
Wherever is fine

Episode 2
If we'll be like them someday

Episode 3
Let's all play together

Episode 4
I bet you were a cutie

Episode 5
I'm really looking forward to our wedding

Episode 6
There's no reason for you to be jealous

Episode 7
Now i know what true happiness feels like

Episode 8
You can do it !

Episode 9
Our honeymoon starting !

Episode 10
Don't go! It's too dangerous.

Episode 11
I'm mad that I could scream.

Episode 12
If that's what Mike really wants

Episode 13
I'm rather thankful

Episode 14
I feel so happy!

Episode 15

Episode 16
Mike is even more frustrated than i am

Episode 17
He has to do it for Jones Corp's sake

Episode 18
I wonder if he wants to try some?

Episode 19
I'll be okay as long as you're with me

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