Destiny Ninja ~Sohma~ Walkthrough

1. I’m sorry…

2. You really do tease!

3. Oh, you’re right.

4. I don’t think that.

5. Ah! That startled me!

6. I’m sorry…

7. Thank you for caring.

8. That’s surprising…

9. Don’t say that.

10. Let me do it.

11. Don’t hold yourself back, cry if you want to.

12. It’s okay.

13. No, not at all.

14. I’ll stay.

15. That’s okay.

16. … What are you talking about?

17. Be by my side forever.

18. …

19. I’ll go with you!

20. This may trouble you...

21. What are you talking about!

22. I believe in you, Sohma.

Here some picture from spin off story :

My handsome beast 

Sweet Christmas

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