Tips Travelling to Roma, Italy

Rome, Italy.. Who doesn't want to go to Rome for summer holiday? This city offers you lots of thing to see. Every corner in Rome is so historical. And don't mention about food, the city who invented pizza, pasta, gelato, calzone. Ugh talk about calzone, they got really big calzone there, so for me I think is good enough for 2 people to eat it.

I recently went to Rome from May 8 to May 14. Reason I made this blog about Rome because not a lot of blog (I think) not mention about how things work in Rome. So if you want to travel there here's some tips for you.

1. Colosseum, Palatine, Roman forum, Bocca Della Verita, Il Vittoriano. (Day 1)

First day we decided to saw Ancient Rome  , yes first day of excitement! So we walked from our guest house (yes, I'm not sleeping sleeping in hotel, which is ok for me since I'm in Rome :))) ) about 15 minute. Arrive there around 9 am. It's better time to be there early to avoid the crowd. We got in right away and way in ticket line for 5-7 minute. Ticket fair cost 12 euro. 
When you inside go to the up part first, and down and out. I do the opposite way and has to go up and down again since there's no shortcut to go out from second floor.
In second floor you will found this spot to see arc Constantine and roman forum view. It gorgeous and beautiful view. Don't miss it!!!

We spent about 30 minute inside this infamous historical place. When you in there your mind wondering how the cruelty of empire at that time to all the prisoner or slave duel each other just to amuse them (you watch gladiator right, so you know what you mean ). 

Talk about the Colosseum ticket. DON'T LOSE IT. It valid for 2 days and you can used it to go inside the Palatine and Roman Forum. There you save your 12 euro. We didn't know about this but good thing I read it and I had an habit always to keep ticket. 

When you out from Colosseum, go straight to palatine and roman forum. I go to Bocca Della verita first because I thought there is another way to go to roman forum, which is not. When you go inside my advice is to go to Palatine (the ruin palace of Ancient Rome where emperor's used to lived) first, take a walk around the garden and all the way up so you can see the roman forum view. 

For me roman forum and Palatine not really big thing, you have to imagine how the palace used to be. Because you only see the ruin. It so dusty around there so in suggest you wearing a shoes instead of sandal if you don't want your feet to be dirty.

OK next stop is Bocca Della Verita which in english The Mouth of Truth. It's very famous as a "lie detector" in middle age. Strongly believe if you told lie and put your hand inside the mouth you will lose your hand. I don't know how it started but don't worry you won't lose your hands. 

Take us 15 minute to wait in line to go inside and take a picture. After you finish you inside this church where there is a relic of saint Valentine inside. FYI Bocca Della Verita no ticket require.!

Last stop from this trip is Il Vittoriano. It's monument for rome first king Vittorio Emanuele ll. it's free to go inside and take a picture, but don't sit in the stairs or the security will warn you. It said there a panoramic lift to go up to roof top to see Rome. It cost 7 euro, but I think it's too much because you can see Rome view everywhere for free!

Another tips if you travel only 1-2 days in Rome, better to take hop in hop off bus. It cost about 50 euro per person and make sure you bargain for this. Pay attention how many stop they got, some got 8 stop and other got 10 stop, for the same price. 

Don't buy gelato in the stand, they rip off tourist a lot by selling gelato for 4 euro. In around colosseum  roman forum area there a little store which is sell gelato for 2 euro. One more thing, if you want to take a photo with a customed centurion don't pay more than 5 euro.

That's my first day experience In Rome. If you still has energy you can go straight to Piazza Del popolo through via Del Corso (my favourite street since its a shopping area). I will talk about this part in next day. 

OK I hope this review useful for you. Next I will update about Tridente area. Ciao!