Forbidden Love ~Mike~ 1st story Walkthrough

1. Welcome him back
2. Glare at him 
3. Stand between them
4. You said that I was your sister
5. I won't take your orders
6. Dodge the question vaguely
7. Hamburgers
8. Thank you...
9. You're thinking too much.
10. Eh! A present for me?
11. Sing him a lullaby
12. Father wouldn't do something unfair
13. No, it's nothing
14. You won't do anything weird..?
15. We don't have to go shopping
16. Are you drunk?
17. i'd like to too, but..
18. Stop it both of you
19. Leave without saying anything
20. This is for Jones family, right?
21. Push Johanes away
22. Persuade him
23. Talk about each other
24. Why don't we step out for a bit?
25. Ask about Amelia's previous disease
26. You seem well
27. He'll know you're lying right away..!

Happy Ending 

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