Man With a Pearl Earring

*****The Plot of "Man with a Pearl Earring"*****
"Is it porn or literature!?"
The romance story causing a stir in Japan is finally released to the world in a smart phone edition.
You can customize the main character's names to be your own name!
The sound effect will make you feel as though you're in the story!!
"I" am an art student majoring in oil painting who came across a suit-clad older man when looking for a model for my painting.
He said,
"Please draw my portrait. I don't need to be paid. But please draw these earrings."
They were the earrings of his late wife. These pearl earrings hid a mysterious light that could be called a 'curse' and when they were put on his left ear...
He told me that "Kanako," his wife who passed away two years ago, was an art student attending the same university as "me." The years passed and before "I" knew it "I" had begun to fall in love with this soft-spoken man.
"I" proposed a secret arrangement to him that we would embrace whenever he came to my studio.
"The pearl that you cannot take off... if it is a curse cast by Kanako then I cannot draw you if you do not become one with her emotions."
Sex with him was something "I" had never experienced before; it brought about a dazzlingly profound ecstasy...
*****A Romance Novel for the mature audience!!*****
The romance novels that are featured in KOYONPLETE are written by famous light novel and mobile phone novel authors.
There will not be any choices, but you will be able to experience the touching moments that are aimed toward the matured audience.
The artworks drawn by talented illustrators will also bring you an indescribable experience of the story.

These are some picture from this game :

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