My Sweet Bodyguard ~Subaru Ichiyanagi~ Walkthrough GREE

Chapter 1
I’m not crying!

Chapter 2
It tastes great!
No, I’m not

Chapter 3
I haven’t done anything wrong *My Compatibility Changes to “B” here
Are you metrosexual?

Chapter 4
You are so kind
Then… Can I lean on you for a little while?

Chapter 5
I’m really happy you said that to me!
He was only protecting me

Chapter 6
I’m so full, I feel like falling asleep

Chapter 7
Just a little…
I’m tired from spending the whole day with Kaiji

Chapter 8 
It’s embarrassing

Chapter 9
The information was leaked?!

Chapter 10
He’s my Bodyguard.
I’m sad

Chapter 11
You’re really a workaholic
Squeeze hand tighter

Chapter 12
I feel sad thinking of letting go of your hand

Chapter 13
I could never forget you!
You and Subaru must be really close

Chapter 14
Don’t worry about me!
I cried a lot

Epilogue 1
If you want to…
It’s embarrassing…

Epilogue 2
All right
Plush Toy

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