Forbidden Love Christmas Story ~Mike~ Walkthrough

Scene 1-1
Maybe i should call him..
I'm sure he's busy..
Maybe i should invite Johannes instead..

Scene 3-1
Isn't there something you want to say to me?
I missed you too 
It's late!

Scene 3-2
Stop it
It's embarrassing
That's not why I'm upset

Scene 2-2

Scene 4-1
Welcome home!
How long have you been there?
(Hug him!)

Scene 4-2
When did you get home?
But what about work?
Why did you come home?

Scene 4-3
It's wonderful
Thank you
I love it

Scene 5-1
I had no idea
You could've told me
I'm totally surprised

Scene 5-2
Where are we going?
It's that far?

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