Forbidden Love Campus Life Event ~Mike~ Walkthrough

Chapter 1.2
"How is Mike normally in morning?"
"Will it be ok? Being in a prestigious school?"
"About the painting..."

Chapter 2.5
"Do you like Big Brother as well?"
"He's very kind to me."
"He's just my brother"

Chapter 3.4
Big Brother, stop it!!
Johannes, stop it!
Both of you, cut this out!

Chapter 4.3
"are you like that to everyone?"
"Stop joking with me!"

Chapter 5.2
Don't get the wrong idea!
We're siblings, what's the problem?
It's my fault!

Chapter 6.2
"I'm sorry, I forgot!"
Stop shouting, my ears hurt!
I'm at the gardener's club.

Chapter 7.4
I like to go shopping.
Flowers are very interesting.
Reading is fun.

Chapter 8.4
(Big Brother... help me!)
Endure it.
Push Mr. Nicholson away

Chapter 9.4
(Because of Big Brother...)
(Why is this happening to me?)
(Big Brother... save me!!)

Chapter 10.4
You have a really big room to yourself!
Would you get lonely by yourself?
Ah, I'm so envious. (10 points)

Chapter 11.3
There's no way I could regret it.
I don't know.
Do you?

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