Sweet Scandal ~Misato Yusuke~ Walkthrough

Chapter 1 
- apologize (+)
  Ask for his signature
  Resolve the misunderstanding

- I will only write the truth
  Please believe me
  well what should I do... (+)

- shout to him (+)
  Watch quietly
  Go closer

Chapter 2 
- wave over him
  Call out his name (+)
  Watch quietly

- when was your first time minato?
  I'm just pure at heart 
  Well you know... (+)

Chapter 3
- I wanted to do it (+)
  I couldn't get past the reporter
  You could have come to me

- say anything (+)
  I want to help
  I'll do what I can 

- I'm only just getting started (+)
  I'm new
  Don't laugh

Chapter 4
- you were worried about me?
  Thanks for coming to meet me (+)
  You help me there 

- he's like a brother to me (+)
  I've always counted on him
  We've known each other since childhood

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