It's our secret ~Christmas Event~ Walkthrough

- i have to confirm (+20)
  It's ok right?
  Edward is responsible too (+5)

- it's that s important
  But I have jobs (+5)
  I plan nothing (+20)

- it's not your business 
  Yeah, maybe (+20)
  I just looked

- I didn't ask you
  I'm fine (+20)

- ........
  Can't you believe me
  I meet Kevin (+20)

- I'll wear a pantsuit
  I'll dress up (+20)
  I don't have to change my clothes

- don't strain yourself (+20)
  You always say about other
  I know you understand

- .....!
  I do just this once
  Thanks (+20)

- I dressed lightly yesterday
  I'm fine
  I realize now (+20)

- leave me alone
  I'm fine (+20)
  He plans something

- he took me here (+20)
  I'm sorry 
  Why are you so angry


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