Love Legend of Sengoku ~Mitsuhide Akechi~ Walkthrough

Chapter 1 
- I'm fine (+)
  I'm well 
  Maybe a little

- I'm unworthy of such a praise (+)
  That makes me happy
  I'm so embarrassed 

- not this time
  ...... Silence
  I don't like that water (+)

Chapter 2
- don't worry about it (+)
  It because I wasn't careful
  Sorry to cause you trouble

- go home 
  Have you come to die
  If someone sees you (+)

- I wanted to read a scroll (+)
  I wanted to spar
  I wanted to drink tea

Chapter 3
- I didn't even notice
  This is nothing (+)
  It hurts a little

- I won't take advantage of you (+)
  Please don't worry about me
  Why are you putting it that way

- I believe in them (+)
  Hoping is useless
  We'll defeat them with our own strength 

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