My Romantic Three Kingdom ~Zhou Gongjin~ Walkthrough

Chapter 1 
- are you sure 
  I don't want to impose (+)
  No thank you

- is it ok for me to trust you (+)
  Is it ok for me to stay here 
  But this is wrong

- let's sleep together (+)
  You shouldn't sleep out here it's too cold
  I'll sleep outside

Chapter 2 
- sorry I worried you
  Why we're you worried?
  I'm also glad you are ok (+)

- compensation?
  Is this all I can give you (+)
  I will do anything

- I'm hiding something from you
  I'm a liar
  I don't want you to hate me Gongjin (+)

Chapter 3
- oh no
  What are you doing in this world (+)
  You're lying

- sure I don't mind (+)
  Guess I have to

- I think I love him (+)
  I think it's different from love
  I don't know

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