Idol Dormitory ~Hiroki Kisumi~ Walkthrough

Chapter 1 
- can you say that again (+)
  You're joking right 
  What do you mean by that

- role
  Oh really
  Okay (+)

- yeah I do 
  Um (+)
  I'm not sure 

Chapter 2 
- turn red (+)
  Stare into his face
  Shake my head violently

- being shoved into a car
  Kisumi declaring they are together (+)
  Becoming a matron

- reach out a hand again
  Throw a cushion at him
  Try to cove this mouth (+)

Chapter 3
- he's so cool (+)
  He's not like that inside
  He's working hard

- they're being fooled 
  That was so him (+)
  Leaving that aside

- right now 
  Right away (+)
  You'll get fat

Chapter 4
- be silent
  I have to refuse
  It's too much for me (+)

- I'll have beer like you two 
  No thank you
  I'll have a soft drink (+)

- go to convenience store 
  Look for cigarette store (+)
  I'll go tomorrow 

Chapter 5
- what should I do
  This is difficult (+)
  Well it's just ayazaki

- be troubled 
  Be happy (+)
  Not know what to do

- I hadn't heard (+)
  I didn't know
  This is a first

Chapter 6
- made me unable to say anything
  Made me feel frustrated (+)
  Made me loose my breath 

- mail 
  Phone (+)

- please raise your face (+)
  Takao ja it isn't your fault 

Chapter 7
- ignore it
  Answer immediately (+)
  I might as well

- I'll go back obediently (+)
  If possible I don't want to go back
  I don't know what to do

- I complain
  I cry
  I throw a cushion (+)

Chapter 8
- if he doesn't feel well
  If he's that shocked (+)

- he is scared 
  He doesn't consider him his best friend
  He has no need to (+)

- give me 5 more minute
  I can't (+)
  I'm awake 


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