Midnight Cinderella ~Giles Cristophe~ Walkthrough

Chapter 1 
- we're you teasing me
  Don't make fun of me (honey)
  But why (sugar)

- thank you
  I wanted to tell you (honey)
  About the letter (sugar)

Chapter 2
- he's so strict
  He's unreadable (honey)
  He does thing his own way (sugar)

- I said thank you (sugar)
  I nodded as I too it 
  I took it silently (honey)

Chapter 3
- I'm so glad to hear it
  It's all thanks to you Giles (sugar)
  Thank you Giles (honey)

Chapter 4 
- I touch his hands (sugar)
  I placed my hands on his (honey)
  I took his hands in mine

- I'm so grateful (sugar)
  I wanna thank you 
  I was so relieved (honey)

Chapter 5
- thank you (honey)
  You remembered 
  You shouldn't have (sugar)

- I have to go back
  I can't just leave (sugar)
  I'm going back (honey)

Chapter 6
- I wish I could see him (sugar)
  I wish I could talk to him (honey)
  I want to thank him

- I wanted to thank you (honey)
  Thank you for yesterday
  It's all thanks to you (sugar)

Chapter 7
- I'm not complaining (sugar)
  It's not that 
  You don't mind (honey)

- when you say it like that (sugar)
  What's that supposed to mean (honey)
  you never imagined it

Chapter 8
- I belong to you
  I only care about you (sugar)
  I'm yours alone (honey)

- whisper to him (sugar)
  Glanced his way (honey)
  Turned to ask him 

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