Contract Marriage Plus ~Ryo Kurosaki~ Walkthrough

Chapter 1
- I don't understand 
  Why did you do that (+)
  I think I understand 

- of course I won't 
  What do you mean 
  There's no way (+)

- it's important 
  I'm sorry (+)
  What else can I do

Chapter 2
- I can't 
  Are you sure 
  I'll bring it from my own place (+)

- do you want to turn them into putty in your hand
  You are not that kind of person (+)
  You're joking

- I won't replay
  Thank you (+)

Chapter 3
- actually (+)
  Not really 
  What do you mean, you don't hear good rumor?

- it's not a chore (+)
  I want to make it
  I'm capable of cooking

- I'm too embarrassed (+)
  Please eat it yourself

- I'm sorry 
  It must've been hard
  ...... (+)

Chapter 4
- you, ryo
  I can't accept this (+)
  I don't know

- let's go
  I'll go back (+)
  I can't decide on my own

Chapter 5
- is it alright if I'm with you? (+)

- my maiden name is...
  I come from a normal family (+)

- you didn't want to submit them
  You wanted to evade your engagement (+)
  Because you thought it'd change something

Chapter 6
- sorry we startled you
  Thank you for your support 
  Nice to meet you again (+)

- alright
  Stop it
  I'm sorry (+)