Forbidden Love ~Mike~ 5th Story Walkthrough

Episode 1
Not me

Episode 2
It's all thanks to Mike

Episode 3
( you promised me)

Episode 4
It's not Mike's fault

Episode 5
... I'm sorry

Episode 6
I'll make sure i won't be any trouble

Episode 7
But this will be a help for Mike

Episode 8
I don't want to wait any longer

Episode 9
( Mike is having a hard time too.. )

Episode 10
.. he must be tired

Episode 11
It's not your fault

Episode 12
We're fine..

Episode 13
( my heart aches..)

Episode 14
... is there anything?

Why do you care about Mike?

Episode 16

Episode 17
Mike, Trust me!

Episode 18
What's going to happen?

Episode 19
Don't you think you did a bad thing?

Episode 20
No way..

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