Forbidden Love ~Matthew~ Walkthrough

Chapter 1
Ask him what he means by “vixen.” 
Chapter 2
Yeah, I have plans. 
Chapter 3
What do you have to do with Mike? 
Chapter 4
I can’t believe I have another brother……
Chapter 5
I don’t necessarily believe you’re my brother. 
Chapter 6
That’s a great idea! 
Chapter 7
A shirt and pants. 
Chapter 8
Ask Mathew to apologize. 
Chapter 9
I’m sorry. 
Chapter 10
Stop it you two! 

Chapter 11
Are you trying to get out of telling me? 

Chapter 12
Stop asking questions. 

Chapter 13
I agree. 

Chapter 14
I don’t love you. 

Chapter 15
Your no better than your boss. 

Chapter 16
Things are complicated for me now 

Chapter 17
He’s not an outsider! 

Chapter 18
That’s pretty harsh reasoning. 

Chapter 19
Mind your own business…… 

Chapter 20
What’s your sign? 

Chapter 21
I just remembered something I have to do. 

Chapter 22
I don’t want to marry him! 

Chapter 23
Answer honestly. 

Chapter 24
I’m sorry, but you need to leave…… 

Chapter 25
I’m so happy…… 

Chapter 26
And that’s why you want revenge? 

Chapter 27
Let’s ask Mathew. 

Chapter 28
Let me see the papers.

Chapter 29
I understand how Mathew feels too! 

Chapter 30
If you talked to him yourself, you’d understand. 

Chapter 31
But why did you say you killed her? 

Chapter 32
I can’t…… 

Chapter 33
“You promised……” 

Chapter 34
I knew you were a good guy. 

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