The Niflheim ~Philippe~ Walkthrough

Chapter 1
- say something (intimacy +5, trust +2)
  Squeeze his hand silently ( I +2, T +5)

- I even dream about it ( I+2,T+5)
  The prince was charming (I+5,T+2)

Chapter 2
- i'm sorry 
  I couldn't help it

- it doesn't bother me (  intimacy )
  It's embarrassing (trust)

- I might be ill ( trust )
  I feel lightheaded (intimacy)

Chapter 3 
- be honest and say phillipe (intimacy)
  Go with the standard Ideal, Orlando (trust)
  The one no one can replicate, jj 

- thank you (trust) 
  I'm looking forward to it (intimacy)

Chapter 4 
- speak openly
   Be subtle

- that's hard to understand (trust)
  You're right (intimacy)

Chapter 5
- try desperately to explain (intimacy)
  Change th subject to study question (trust)

- have a guess (trust)
  Wait and see (intimacy)

Chapter 7
- talk to the bird (intimacy)
  Sing (trust)

- call out to phillipe (trust)
  Wave (intimacy)

Chapter 8
- explain about cold feet
  I don't want to tell you
  Talk about skeletiano

- for phillipe 
  I meant it for Orlando
  What if I said jj
  His majesty of course
  What if I said it was you?
  A mysterious hero that you don't know
  Skeletiano of course

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